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Turn your challenges & ideas into impactful results

Get tailored support & solutions for every phase of your molecular biology project from an experienced contract research organization! From executing routine tasks to providing full-scale support – we’re here to help bring your project to success.

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1. Contact & Pre-Screening

Tell us more about your molecular biology project!

Make sure we’re the right partner for your project by filling out this form and providing a few basic details, such as:

  • The type of samples your project requires (e.g.: blood, soil, water, etc.)

  • The approximate number of samples

  • The purpose or goal of your project

Tell us about your project!

*take the first step. No strings attached.

2. Ideation & Research Design

Let’s meet – and set your project up for success!

Gain clarity about every aspect of your project, prepare for unforeseen challenges, and design your project to succeed with a joint brainstorming session. Involve us in the early stages for:

  • Realistic estimates for your project’s timeline & budget

  • Expert insights and comprehensive support for your research design

  • Recommendations for the best solutions & technologies to achieve your project’s goals

  • Customized guidelines for successful & efficient sample collection (including unique, one-time samples)

3. Execution & Laboratory Work

Let us handle your laboratory tasks!

Just send your samples to our certified laboratories, and we’ll take care of the rest. Delegate your molecular biology, genomics, or sequencing tasks for reliable results you can trust.

  • Send your samples to our laboratories from anywhere in the world

  • Have our scientific staff develop and/or perform all the necessary molecular biology tests & procedures

  • Get accurate results and detailed, step-by-step documentation about your entire research process

4. Evaluation & Interpretation

Understand your results – and your next steps!

Gain deep insights into your data and draw accurate conclusions from your results with our full scientific support. We’ll help ensure you’ll always make the most of your results with:

  • Guidance on what you can do with your results (including practical applications, publications, or further research)

  • Clear answers to your research questions with visual representations and scientific explanations

  • Further processing & analysis with machine learning, bioinformatics, and statistical techniques

  • Publication-ready, detailed descriptions of all completed tests & analyses

Let’s build your innovation together!

Even after we’ve helped you bring your project to a successful end, you can expect our full support for however long you need it! We’re open to finding new ways to collaborate – and in the unlikely event that you come across an issue with one of our shared projects, we’re here to help you see that through as well.

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DeltaBio 2000 logo
DeltaBio 2000 logo
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