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Molecular biology, tailored to your needs

Get custom biotech solutions for your innovative endeavors in a wide range of industries & applications. Our expertise & technologies are here to support your research and development every step of the way.

Get step-by-step support for your research goals

Ideation of the work process

1. Ideation

Gain clarity on every step of your research design with our expert guidance, unique solutions, and full scientific support.

Execution of the work process

2. Execution

Delegate your genomics, sequencing, or molecular biology related tasks to our certified laboratories and skilled staff.

Evalution of the work process

3. Evaluation

Expand your results and their implications with bioinformatically processed data, deep insights, and specialized support.

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We provide a solid foundation for your R&D projects

Experienced scientific staff

  • 15+ years of experience as a company

  • Over 20 researchers with 214+ years of cumulative scientific experience

  • Participation in over 100 publications

State-of-the-art certified laboratories

  • BSL2/3 and GMP laboratories

  • Continuous quality control (ISO9001, ISO13485)

  • Over 1000 dedicated laboratory area

Trailblazing laboratory equipment

  • Both high-throughput and high-precision sequencing platforms

  • Automated nucleic acid isolation systems

  • Standardized liquid-handling pipelines

Limitless opportunities

  • Customized support for every step of your project

  • Ideation, brainstorming sessions, and expert insights

  • Bioinformatics, machine learning, biostatistics, or AI-processing of results

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Take advantage of our genomic solutions in a wide range of industries

Cancer research

Cancer research

Identify mutations, improve diagnostics, and select & monitor effective treatments.

Drug Development & Pharma

Drug Development & Pharma

Plan clinical trials, identify genetic variants and profile gene expression.

Human & Veterinary Medicine

Human & Veterinary Medicine

Detect specific pathogens, and access transcriptomic & epigenetic profiling.

Academic Research

Academic Research

Study biological processes with customized sequencing and bioinformatic solutions.

Agriculture & Environment

Agriculture & Environment

Select desirable phenotypes, improve breeding methods, and characterize related microbiome.

Nutrition & Food Research

Nutrition & Food Research

Analyze gut microbiome to gain insights into its strains, functions, and antibiotic resistances.

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Trusted by our partners all over the world

Wonshik Han



“Collaborating with DeltaBio helped us drive significant changes in the South Korean healthcare market, fueling our rapid growth as a company. Their expertise, enthusiasm, and tireless efforts made them a professional partner and a real pleasure to work with. We’re eager to continue this partnership to develop genomic tests to address unmet clinical needs.”

Béla Mező


Enterprise Communications Hungary Ltd.

"I worked with DeltaBio for several years on a joint software development project. I love working with them, due to their high level of day-to-day expertise and the kind of openness and enthusiasm they bring to achieving common goals."

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Your partners in molecular biology and genomics

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DeltaBio’s mission is to create a bridge between the frontiers of academic achievements and the practical applications of molecular biology. To help overcome the global challenges of our present times, we’re constantly on the lookout for new innovative partnership & collaboration opportunities around the world.

As a pioneering biotech company specializing in genomics & molecular diagnostics, we harness the power of novel technologies – such as next-generation sequencing (NGS) – to create custom solutions for our partners across a wide range of industries and applications.
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DeltaBio 2000 logo
DeltaBio 2000 logo
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