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Discover our state-of-the-art laboratories

Find out how our modern facilities can accommodate your molecular biology project and enable an in-house delivery of your requested task or solution.

Fully separated work processes

Our laboratories help eliminate the risk of (cross) contamination in all your projects.

With separated ventilation, pressurization, and physical space for each PCR-phase, you can always trust the accuracy of the NGS & qPCR results we provide.

1. Reagent Mixing

  • Zero-contamination environment for the processing of molecular biology reagents

  • High-pressure area to ensure air flows outwards

  • Controls to guarantee a clean laboratory free from nucleic acids

Reagent mixing
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2. Pre-PCR

  • Ensures reliable nucleic acid isolation (even from low sample copies)

  • Medium-pressure area to create unidirectional airflow

  • Procedures to eliminate contamination risk from later phases

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3. PCR & Post-PCR

  • Dedicated laboratory for all post-PCR samples

  • Lowest pressure area to ensure no air can escape

  • Limitless opportunities to further process your PCR-amplified samples

PCR & Post-PCR

BSL2 & BSL3 Certified Laboratories

Does your project require working with human tissues, lethal diseases, or live pathogens?

Our biosafety level-3 and biosafety level-2 laboratories ensure a controlled & safe research setting, without the risk of infection or environmental damage.

BSL-3 Laboratories

  • Fit for projects with aerosol-transmissible or potentially lethal diseases

  • Enable working with indigenous or exotic microbes

  • Appropriate safety measures (e.g.: passthrough autoclave, autonomous ventilation, etc.)

  • Highly trained & qualified staff

BSL-2 Laboratories

  • Fit for projects with infectious organisms that pose only a moderate health hazard

  • Enable working with the most common veterinary or agricultural pathogens

  • Appropriate safety measures (e.g. self closing doors, biological safety cabinets, etc.)

  • Highly trained & qualified staff

Our headquarters

All our facilities & operations are located in the heart of the EU, at our very own 5-story headquarters built in 2022 – Lab58.

By having our own laboratories & equipment, we have full control over all our operations, independent of any third party organization.

Ultimately, this gives us the flexibility to expand our capabilities to meet your molecular biology needs both quantitatively and qualitatively – and ensure the successful delivery of your project.

Lab 58 entrace
Lab 58 headquarter
DeltaBio 2000 logo
DeltaBio 2000 logo
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